I did NOT take this video.  However, I drove through here yesterday and there is still quite a bit of damage/debris. 

again, FYIND did not take this video, but.. it is interesting!

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Lombardi Trophy on the side of the JW Marriott downtown Indianapolis

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Lucas Oil Stadium
Home of Super Bowl XLVI


Lucas Oil Stadium

Home of Super Bowl XLVI

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Prairie Modules 1 & 2 are pieces of public art in downtown Indianapolis along the Cultural Trail. This art installation returns the solar power it generates to the electrical grid.

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I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Entrance to the museum of American, European, Modern, African art (and more) is free, with fees only to access the featured exhibits (currently, Ife art in ancient Nigeria, and Native American art). There are greenhouses, the mansion of J.K. Lilly Jr., a late Indianapolis businessman, 100 km of outdoor paths to wander near the museum, and more. I imagine that it is beautiful to visit in the spring, summer or fall. If you ever find yourself in Indianapolis, GO!


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This is a map of all the library cards in the state of Indiana!

The Indiana State Library is presenting an exhibit on over 150 years of history in the state’s public libraries.

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Lucas Oil Stadium: Home of the Indianapolis Colts and site of Super Bowl XLVI

by Carl Van Rooy

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Need to rent a house for the super bowl? »

I think we are posting this out of astonishment more than anything else.


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